Your Son Made My Day

Your Son Made My Day Although I derived a great pleasure in teaching young boys the rules of baseball, being a Little League coach is a thankless job. Parents who were inept at the sport, or never played the game were the harshest critics. Spring Valley, NY Little League mandated that every player on a… Continue reading Your Son Made My Day

The Boys Recall Street Hockey

The Boys Recall Street Hockey The boys were at their usual table in the diner. Customer’s tables edged closer to hear the loud, humorous, heated exchanges between the men seated nearby. “The notches on that hockey puck were like blades. Once it went into my shin and nearly found bone.” “Football was worse. We had… Continue reading The Boys Recall Street Hockey

The Boys Meet in the Diner

The Boys Meet in the Diner Their conversation at their weekly visit to the diner could have made the Merck Manual a New York Times best seller. “I take so many pills that the bottom of my stomach resembles the keys of an old typewriter.” “And what about my pacemaker/defibrillator? My chest looks like a… Continue reading The Boys Meet in the Diner

Coaltown and Citation

Coaltown and Citation They were two very feeble and very old Orthodox Jews. Their nicotine-stained milk-white beards  were topped by faded black derbies. Black velvet collars, sprinkled with dandruff ringed the necks of their heavy woolen overcoats. This was their dress uniform and only uniform as they emerged from their apartment building on Seabury Place.… Continue reading Coaltown and Citation

Our Classroom

Outside the store was a weather beaten, oak newsstand striving to stand upright. Upon opening the door, our sneakers stood upon a splintered floor whose area was approximately 9’ X 30’. Two telephone booths were at the far left end, and the counter was to the right. It was the neighborhood assembly area, the command… Continue reading Our Classroom

A Day At the Candy Store

A Day At the Candy Store She was very attractive. We didn’t know her name, all we knew was that she was divorced and left with a three-year-old son. She stepped into the candy store wearing a low-cut blouse and a skirt like a tourniquet, much to the delight of the owner, a holocaust survivor,… Continue reading A Day At the Candy Store