Street Games

Street Games Tje Bronx 1930s No emerald green grass covering our field, no bleachers or grandstands, no roaring crowds. Seabury Place’s black, asphalt street was our stadium. In the 1930s, one of the few cars that had appeared on our street was Dr. Kulock’s Buick when he made a house call. If a rare intruder… Continue reading Street Games

Stickball, The Rational Pastime

Stickball, The Rational Pastime In the Bronx, The National Pastime evolved into The Rational Pastime – Stickball. The year was 1946. No sneaking onto the subway, no three quarters-of-an-hour walk to the Yankee Stadium, no charge of .55 cents for a seat in the bleachers, no coming home with a medium-rare sunburn. Stickball was the… Continue reading Stickball, The Rational Pastime