The Becks Arrive

The Becks Arrive The Bronx 1942 Yankee Stadium was the predominant playing field in the Bronx, but we had our own stadium, Seabury Place. After the steamrollers went over the asphalt, it was as flat as a popsicle. As a result, stickball, hockey, two-hand-touch and off-the-curb left their imprints on its surface. The street was… Continue reading The Becks Arrive

Stickball, The Rational Pastime

Stickball, The Rational Pastime In the Bronx, The National Pastime evolved into The Rational Pastime – Stickball. The year was 1946. No sneaking onto the subway, no three quarters-of-an-hour walk to the Yankee Stadium, no charge of .55 cents for a seat in the bleachers, no coming home with a medium-rare sunburn. Stickball was the… Continue reading Stickball, The Rational Pastime