Insulated Liners For Company L

Insulated Liners For Company L Chorwon Valley, Korea September 1952 It was mid-September. Sayonara sweltering heat. My T-shirt was as brown as the bottom of the trench outside my bunker. The buttons on my fatigue shirt were to become reacquainted with their loopholes as autumn was stealthily sneaking up on us. I heard about the Korean winter… Continue reading Insulated Liners For Company L

Korea: May 18, 1952

Korea: May 18 1952 Under any other circumstances I would have reveled in this evening. The temperature was in the high-sixties, if I stood on my toes I felt I could tickle a star, and a slight breeze kept me alert so that I could appreciate the clean country air, but Captain Smith, our company commander,… Continue reading Korea: May 18, 1952

An Intrepid Hero

An Intrepid Hero Chorwon Valley, Korea: August 12, 1952. Mail call! Some men from Company L gathered under a grove of trees on the reverse slope of their bunkers. Our terrified mail drove up with the mail. He quickly called out a number of names, tore back to his jeep then sped off to the rear.… Continue reading An Intrepid Hero