Charley Korea 1952

Charlie Kaurneckis   Chorion Valley, Korea 1952 “Sarah, roll the wallpaper off the walls, we’re moving.” This was Charley. He had a negative comment for every ethnic group. Did he know his own? When I told him that I was Jewish and from New York, he exclaimed, “Oh, a New York Irishman! From now on… Continue reading Charley Korea 1952

What Happened to Oscar Konnerth?

Oscar Konnerth with Dan on Outpost Mary What Happened to Oscar Konnerth? Chorwon Valley, Korea March 1952 The Zenith Transoceanic (a wet cell battery radio) was turned off as the sun began to sink behind the mountains of Chorwon Valley. Remnants of sunlight faded the stars, but soon they’ll begin to twinkle in the blackened… Continue reading What Happened to Oscar Konnerth?

Korea: May 18, 1952

Korea: May 18 1952 Under any other circumstances I would have reveled in this evening. The temperature was in the high-sixties, if I stood on my toes I felt I could tickle a star, and a slight breeze kept me alert so that I could appreciate the clean country air, but Captain Smith, our company commander,… Continue reading Korea: May 18, 1952

My Best Correspondent

Mail to a hungry GI was on a par with C-ration’s only mouth watering premium delight – Franks and Beans. Elaine was one of the contacts I had with the homefront. After a sniper killed Lapich and Rutledge near their bunkers, her mail broke the drudgery of cautiously blending in with my surroundings. Although I… Continue reading My Best Correspondent