What is a Bunker Bomb?

During a reading of Cold Ground’s Been My Bed in Manhattan, an active question and answer period followed. A senior stood up and asked, “What are you talking about? I was in the infantry in WWII and I never heard of it. What is a bunker bomb?” Not many people knew of its existence I… Continue reading What is a Bunker Bomb?

My Corduroy Knickers

A manufacturer produces a corduroy fabric. Machines roll them into bolts of cloth then are shipped to their merchants. What becomes of the fabric can become an adventure that its creator could have never imagined. A fractional bolt of brown corduroy cloth ended up at a mini-store in the East Bronx,   then this tale… Continue reading My Corduroy Knickers

Good Old Golden Rule Days

At the beginning of ninth grade in Hermann Ridder Jr. H.S., a stranger entered our classroom – algebra. As an introduction, Miss Clarke said, “x could be anything and you will have to find the solution to solve it.” Well, if x could be anything, could it be that Nazi janitor across the street from my apartment building?… Continue reading Good Old Golden Rule Days