Hello. Welcome. Come in. Hear my stories.

With the help of the GI Bill I was graduated from the City College of NY in 1958 after being drafted for the Korean War in 1950. Teaching biology at Jane Addams High School in the South Bronx was fun, but after thirty-five years I decided to let someone else enjoy himself.

My wife and I decided to follow the retirees to Florida. We were organisms not well adapted to the environment. The bland life in Florida was dramatically transformed by a phone call from my sergeant when I was an infantryman in Korea. He found our company commander and forty men from our platoon. Would I be willing to write a newsletter with the intention of having a reunion, he asked. It was forty-five years since we fought in Korea. Nearly all the survivors attended.

The drama of combat in Korea was unknown to my wife, my children, and myself. It was deeply embedded in my psyche, but with the stimulation of alcohol and my buddies’ recollections, the nightly patrols and raids resurfaced. From these harrowing and joyful experiences and with the help of my teacher and classmates at Duke University, I wrote my Korean War memoir, Cold Ground’s Been My BedSeabury Place: A Bronx Memoir and Coming Home : A Soldier Returns From Korea.