A Lump Called Trump


Six foot two

Weighs two-thirty-nine

Is this an Adonis

Or a malodorous swine?



His ass weighs that much

He didn’t pass his physical

Does this hog need a crutch?


“He’s 4F “ said his doctor,

“He has a bone spur in his heel

Vietnam is treacherous

Like a pig he will squeal.”


“He looks OK to me,”

Said an old codger

But everyone knows

The pig is a five-time-draft-dodger.


The vets from Vietnam

Would like to know

Was there really a bone spur?

What did the X-rays show?


The X-rays showed nothing

Just an army of lies

Can you picture his fat ass

Among this group of GIs?


All gave some

Some gave all

What has he given?

Nada, nothing, nothing